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10 things in nature you don’t need sight to appreciate

Despite not have sight to enjoy things like the beautiful colours of the fall leaves, and the bright white of fresh snow, I still love nature. I find that often in life sighted people get distracted by what they’re looking at and forget to enjoy their other senses. I say that as someone who has been blind for 6 years, but lived with sight for 14. Here are some things to enjoy with your other senses the next time you step outside.

1) The crunch of that freshly fallen snow under your boots.


2) The smell of rain hitting the pavement on a hot day.


3) The sound of wind blowing through the leaves.


4) The feeling of snowflakes gently falling around you.


5) When it feels like the wind could literally blow you away.


6) The smell of freshly cut grass.


7) When so many birds are singing it sounds like it could very well be a choir.


8) When it feels like every grain of sand on the beach has come home with you on your feet.


9) The true and total warmth of the sun on your skin.

10) When you walk past a freshly bloomed lilac in Spring and that beautiful smell engulfs you, winter is finally over.


So next time you’re outside, give your eyes a break and exercise those other senses. You’ll be happy you did.

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