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10 ways a unified purpose keeps friends together

You've found your people. You've connected with them or, perhaps, invited them over.

And now friends in your neighborhood routinely gather for weekly happy hours, ending the week with friends and starting the weekend with a little bit of happy socializing. Or, perhaps, the group of people you've engaged is united and eager to work towards a common mission.

Whatever your friend group looks like, you may be wondering how to keep them together. When the winter is long and happy hours are few or your friends are spread all around the world and never gets to meet in person, how do you keep everyone engaged?

It all comes down to purpose. As long as your community has a purpose, a clearly defined reason for coming together, you won’t be able to stop the gathering. Here are ten ways that a sense of purpose keeps friends together.

1)  Misery doesn't love company, company eliminates misery

On the busy days, the days when the weather is cold or the to-do lists are long, a common purpose will pull people together. Which, of course, is good because it is on the cold weather days and the busy days that we need our friends the most.

2)  Sharing is caring

466403_10151485362817745_1232851384_o Introducing a purpose to a group of people unlocks hidden talents. With a purpose to realize or a goal to achieve, people dig in to offer the best parts of themselves in service to the community, and sometimes the world.

3)  Good things happen

TenTree0351 Whether your purpose aims to change the world around you, the earth beneath your feet, or your plans for a Friday evening, when you join hands with a group of people, you release positive energy into the world and good things happen.

4)  The connection is strong

Connections are the lifeblood of humanity. They are what bond us to other humans and they keep us moored to this world. And nothing brings about connection like sharing a purpose with another human being.

5)  Can’t stop a good thing from growing

When you have something good, people will want to get in on it. A purpose that people can latch on to, support, care about and work towards will attract new members to your community.

And once you've attracted new members, if you've got a purpose they believe in, they will commit.

7)  Let me tell you about…

We all have skills, talents, and knowledge resting in the corners of our brains that we rarely access or use. Coming together with a group of people and chasing a shared vision opens up those corners to us, allowing us to share what we know and learn from other people along the way.

8)  The impossible becomes possible

NIKON D32001172Changing the world is hard. But when a group of people comes together with shared values, beliefs, and vision, suddenly things you never thought possible begin to happen all around you.

9)  Lives change

Whether the purpose of your community is to create some sort of positive change or to simply gather a group of people to talk about the latest bestseller, lives change when you come together.

10)  So does the world

No matter how small your friend group, how narrow your focus, how seemingly impossible your purpose, when you gather a group of people together in the name of a goal, you make a positive impact on the world.

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