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5 easy ways to improve your emotional health

Routine: You get up, go to work, do your chores, run your errands and act like any other responsible and contributing member of society. The problem I’ve run into several of times is that the grind of everyday life can take its toll after a while. You get stressed, you don’t feel rested, your brain feels scrambled and sometimes you get to a point where you feel emotionally exhausted. So, what can you do to deal with everything? Here are some simple lifestyle changes that will help you stay level in boost your emotional health.

1. Eat Clean

o-ORGANIC-FOOD-STUDY-facebook If you're anything like me, you love food, period. If you dine out, do it smart. Pretty well anywhere you go can make a plain chicken breast with veggies or salad. If you go with a salad steer clear of the dressing!

If your energy and self confidence is low, then the remedy to a growing problem (and stomach) is to ditch the grocery chains and start shopping local. Check out the farmers markets -- they have tons of fresh meats and produce, you're body will feel better and and you'll stop craving processed foods like chips and pizza. Everything tastes better and you feel great because your body isn't ingesting as many preservatives.

Also stay away from soda pop -- if it's not diet soda it has tons of sugar and if it is diet, it probably has aspartame (which has long term negative effects brain).

2. Walk / Bike

DSC_4017-Edit Do your best at this -- try to walk or bike everywhere you go. It can turn errands into small adventures and health benefits aside, it’ll allow you to explore your city and discover great little gems all over town. It’s a simple stress remedy that you can get your friends to do with you.

3. Read

girl-reading-book I think so many years in school gives people a bit of a gag reflex about the notion of reading for pleasure. It’s really is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself though. Reading is similar to sports where you can get so focused on what is happening in that moment (watching the ball fly towards you and getting ready to catch it, anticipating the next page in your book) that you can achieve what is known in psychology as "flow."

When you are in flow, you're emotions are totally in check and you're 100% focused on the task at hand -- all other stresses are ignored for those moments. It's categorized in science as a feeling of spontaneous pleasure, even ecstasy while performing a task.

4. Try New Things

IMG_0079 Challenge yourself every day. Do things that make you feel awkward and uncomfortable because that's what will push you to  grow. I've been doing at least one thing a day that make me super uncomfortable and trust me, it’s awesome! Are you one of those people who will look at a cool activity and say "that’d be fun to do" and never actually do it? Don't be that person. Gather your courage and start travelling, signing up for dance classes, hot yoga, meditation, whatever you find interesting. You'll meet new people, make new friends, and have fun!

5. Give Back

_16A5994 Pay it forward. The best thing you can give someone is a bit of yourself and it feels great. Help out your friends when you can, donate your time to a local food bank, and always play the kind stranger by coming to the aid of someone who seems like they could use a hand. It sounds cheesy but "living is giving". That's why we plant ten trees for every item we sell. You feel good when you do good thing for people or the environment. It'll bring you good Karma :) Plus nothing beats putting a giant smile on someone else's face :)

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