5 Interesting Uses For Leftover Coffee

5 Interesting Uses For Leftover Coffee

Here's the scenario...you make a full pot of coffee on a morning that you're feeling particularly tired, but only drink a couple of cups of it before running out the door to work/school/errands/little league, etc.

You return home in the early afternoon or evening. Still feeling a little low on energy, you decide to make some coffee and notice the 6 cups of cold coffee from that morning sitting there. It's just not as good re-heated, so you dump it out and make fresh.

Not only is this coffee abuse (shame on you!), it's a waste of money. But, what do you do with that not-so-good-tasting leftover coffee? Well, here are 5 things you can do with it that are very tasty!

Freeze it

Make some delicious adult popsicles with it! If you're creative, you can come up with your own ideas. Another idea is just to freeze the coffee in ice cube trays to use for iced coffee. This hack will keep your iced coffee cold and doesn't dilute it like ice does.

Bake with it

Coffee adds unexpected flavor to many baked goods like scones or brownies. Professional bakers have long known how well coffee and chocolate pair together in baked goods. And, strong espresso can also be substituted for many liqueurs in recipes.

Make ice cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for coffee ice cream! Imagine what a special treat this would be on a hot summer afternoon! Try some of the recipes listed here and take it to the next BBQ or family reunion you're invited to. It's sure to be an impressive hit!

Cook with it

Coffee gives many foods that extra oomph that makes it over the top delicious! It especially pairs well with red meat like steak or brisket. And how about this morning after redeye gravy for those mornings when you REALLY need a pick me up! If you're really adventurous, try this Texas chili recipe.

Re-heat it

I know. I said it doesn't taste as good re-heated. But, if you add a few interesting ingredients to it, it's much more tolerable. Try adding some coconut oil to it. This adds a rich taste as well as reaping the health benefits of coconut oil. And, look at this chai coffee recipe! I'm definitely trying that one!

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