5 Of The Most Incredible Trees In Europe

When we write about the world's most incredible trees, we tend to be fixated on their size, their age, or their overall uniqueness. But rarely do we touch upon the human, cultural significance of the trees we see around us. Each tree is important to us! That's why we plant 10 trees for each item purchased in our store.

These 5 trees, all found in Europe, hold special meaning for the people who live near them.

1. Aprisquillo Pine


This tree, an amazing 350-years-old, resides in Avila, Spain and stands a towering 110 feet in height. It's often been called the "giant of the valley" due to its incredible size.

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2. The Holm Oak

Holm_Oak_Westbury The 200-year-old Hoalm Oak, found in Northern Ireland, is the entrance to Kilbroney Park. It is a beloved tree that serves as a shelter for those who enjoy their time beneath it. It has been visited by incredible people like Charles Dickens, C.S. Lewis, and Princess Elizabeth, before her time as Queen.

3. The Céron park rain tree

Samanea-saman This 300 year old rain tree, located in Le Precheur, Martinique, is one of the largest trees in the Lesser Antilles and has survived both cyclones and the eruption of Mount Pelee in 1902. This tree is a trooper!

4. Oak Józef


This tree, a 650-year-old English oak found in Poland, can be found in the city of Wiśniowa, Podkarpackie province. What makes it remarkable isn't necessarily its age or its beauty, but its history.

During WWII, a Jewish family hid in the tree from the Nazis, who were bent on their extermination. Today, the oak is viewed so highly that 100 zloty bills are printed with the oak's likeness.


5. The Lipka lime tree.


This 800-year-old small-leaf lime tree found in Lipka, Czech Republic was planted when the nearby manor in Lipka was built in the 14th century. It is said that the tree grants those who make love under its branches ever-lasting love, though we don't exactly encourage you to try to get it on under this tree.

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