5 Perks of Going Outside in Crummy Weather

Have you ever planned a weekend of camping or hiking only to check the forecast to see that the weather is not cooperating? Here are a few reasons to bundle up, pull on rain jacket and get out there anyway- tentree style! Here are the top 5 perks of getting outside in crummy weather:

1) You’ll have the Trail to Yourself

IMG_6997 When it starts to rain many people decide to stay in and wait out the weather. So if you gear up and head out anyway, you'll be one of the only people out on the trails! You can take your time in the more popular spots, splash in the puddles, take a million photos and simply enjoy the wonderful solitude.

2) That Amazing Sound of Rain on Your Tent

autumn_rain-wallpaper-1440x1080 One of the best parts of summer is listening to the patter of rain falling... so when you combine that with being bundled all warm in your sleeping bag, it’s pretty much heaven. So close your eyes, let the sound wash over you and slowly drift off to sleep.

3) Breathtaking Photos

beautiful-nature-rain-hd-wallpapers-rainy-nature-wallpaper-wallpapers-hd-free-download-with-quotes-for-facebook-desktop-mobile-gallery-couple Some of the best times to pull out your camera is when Mother Nature is being moody. The fog rolling over a lake after it rains, ominous shelf clouds preceding a thunderstorm, white highlights on the trees from an unexpected snowfall... It makes for some interesting snaps.

4) Wildlife Watching

IMG_5300 When it’s blazing hot and sunny a lot of the animals tend to hide out the day in the shade. Hence why it's better to go looking for wildlife at dawn and dusk. However, when it's cool outside, a lot of critters tend to wander about throughout the day. So grab you binoculars and go!

5) Better Stories

IMG_3923 Some of the best stories you hear or tell include less than perfect weather. Being caught on a mountain by a thunderstorm and the tale about how you waited it out, how you slogged through intense mud to reach a sweet view or how you decided to build a snowman army on a trail. All of them make for the perfect conversation when you get back to work on Monday.

So don’t let a little bit of uncomfortable weather stop you from getting out there. Who Knows, perhaps you could meet someone special along the way. You just never know what kind of incredible adventure you could be passing up!

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