5 Reasons To Visit America's West Coast In The Winter

5 Reasons To Visit America's West Coast In The Winter

Most of the time, when people think of a California vacation, they picture lots of hot, sunny weather, beach time, surfing, girls in bikinis, beach volleyball, and driving a convertible with the top down. But, they picture these things happening in the Summer, so most people take a vacation to California in the Summer.

But, I’m going to change your way of thinking right now and give you 5 great reasons to take a vacation to California in the Winter!

Off-season travel saves you money

Lots of families travel on a budget, so this is my number 1 reason. If you aren’t traveling over a holiday, air fare is cheaper, hotel rates are cheaper and some of the major amusement parks offer incentives to draw in crowds during the slower Winter months.

Fewer tourists

Speaking of crowds...they will be much smaller during the Winter months than they are in Summer. This means less crowded major attractions like Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm and the San Diego Zoo. That being said, the crowds get bigger at all of these amusement parks during the Christmas season when they are festively decorated and have special attractions.

It’s milder than summer

If you’re not a fan of the heat, it is much cooler in California during the Winter. So, while you’re having a blast going to all of those amusement parks, you’re not going to be sweating off 10 pounds in the process. I don’t suppose this is a very good incentive for the beach lovers, but if you are planning on vacationing in California to sightsee and visit the major attractions, Winter is a great time to go!

Tons of free/cheap festivals

Free is always great! So, if you’re planning your visit between the months of December through March, there are free festivals galore! San Francisco has several - Chinese New Year sees a parade and festival every year, Carnival San Francisco and San Francisco Mardi Gras are great reasons to visit this beautiful city by the bay during the Winter. Los Angeles has the L.A. Golden Dragon Parade, the Pershing Square Ice Rink (not free but super cheap), and El Fieston Navideno.

Snow in the mountains, but no blizzards

If Winter sports are your thing, California has them. One of the things I absolutely loved about living in Southern California was that you can go to the beach in the morning and hit the ski slopes in the afternoon. Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe are simply gorgeous in the Winter! And, not only will you not get stuck in your hotel due to blizzards, it’s not as cold as Winter on the East Coast and Midwest!

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