5 Simple Vegan Recipes To Make Instead Of Eating Our Hoodies

5 Simple Vegan Recipes To Make Instead Of Eating Our Hoodies

Here at tentree, each of our garments are 100% vegan, meaning they contain no animal products. This fact has thrown some of our social media followers for a loop, with many asking the important question: Does that mean I can eat my hoodie?

It is technically possible to cut up, chew, and swallow portions of a hoodie, but we absolutely do not recommend it. That is our official position as a brand. Don't eat hoodies. But if you're looking to try some simple and delicious vegan recipes, however, tentree is about to hook it up.


1. Polyester-free Vegan apple strudel

We can see it now: a big family dinner is coming up and you've been tasked with making dessert. "But my cousin is vegan, what should I do?" Before you sprinkle powdered sugar on one of our hoodies, lay your eyes on this simple apple strudel recipe. It's super easy to make and you probably wouldn't guess it's vegan. Click here for the full recipe.


2. Tiny little zucchini pizzas that are not clothes

Most folks think of pizzas as covered in cheese and meat and all sorts of animal products, but not these tiny little delicious and, frankly, adorable lil' vegan pizzas. Forget the pizza dough, just slice up a zucchini, top it was some sauce and vegan cheese, and then whatever meat replacement or diced vegetables you want. It's super easy and tastes a lot better than a hoodie. Probably. We've never tried eating a hoodie. You shouldn't either. Click here for the full recipe.


3. Completely edible, non-garment Potato Galette

Hey you with the hoodie in your mouth. I know it's a vegan hoodie but spit it out real quick and instead look at this delicious vegan take on a classic French favorite. It's only 5 ingredients, so even if you're the worst cook in the world, you don't have to resort to eating your clothes to survive. Try eating this instead. Click here for the full recipe.


4. Cotton-free tofu scramble

If you're like us, you woke up this morning craving a delicious vegan breakfast. You may have glanced at your vegan hoodie hanging in the closet, but don't eat it! It's not food! Instead, try this simple 3-ingredient tofu scramble. It's just tofu, bruschetta, and spinach, and it's super delicious. Click here to see the full recipe.


5. tasty pink dragon fruit smoothie that you can't wear

Sometimes on a hot day after playing outside for hours, you just want to come inside and enjoy a refreshing smoothie that isn't made out of pants. This easy pink dragonfruit smoothie is healthy, vegan, and real simple to make. Definitely give it a try! Click here for the full recipe.

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