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5 Unexpected Things You Learn Living In The Wilderness

Even though the tiny home trend is catching on more and more these days, there are actually a lot of things that one should consider before abandoning their urban lifestyle for a more quieter setting out in the wilderness somewhere. The two contrast significantly and for a very good reason.

While some may think the solitude of the wilds will be a better change of pace compared to constantly needing to hustle and bustle every single day, there are a lot of different inconveniences that can make the great outdoors not so great.

Of course, if you have done this kind of thing before and already have the experience, then by all mean go ahead and create your campsite!

As for the newcomers, well, you might want to consider these five things before buying that camper you've been looking at.

1. Expect Everything To Be Very Wet

No one ever really tells you about how humid it is out in the wilderness until you try to lie down in your soaking wet blankets for the first time of your adventure. Everything you own, such as supplies, blankets, etc.

will all at some point be either damp or extremely soaked from how humid the wilderness really is. If you aren't prepare to deal with the extreme humidity, then you may not want to try outdoor living.

2. Meeting Other Individuals In The Wilds

Although you may want to believe that there are kind people that are out in the wilderness, the opposite couldn't be anymore more true than it already is.

People who you usually meet or encounter out in the wilderness will usually take advantage of what property you have if not attended.

Let alone the amount of homeless people that may want to rob you completely in your sleep. There is a lot that can happen in the forest and finding others usually means bad news.

Either way, it is a good thing to stay cautious if you plan on trying this lifestyle alone.

3. You Can Definitely Lose Your Mind

This is a real thing that can occur to some people if they plan on living alone in the wilderness.

Extended periods of time with no contact with other human beings or having a society to be apart of can drive a person to the point of madness. The loneliness is far too great to ignore even for the most isolated of people.

It is usually a good thing to consider when wanting to escape the world and back into nature, but you are really going to want something to keep you at a stable level of mental health.

4. Creepy Crawlies All Over The Place

If you are not a fan of spiders or other insects crawling over your personal belongings then you may want to reconsider living in the wilderness.

Best expect to find at least one to three spiders in your shoes every morning as well as all over your bed sheets and even in your bed.

However, it's also important to keep in mind that the spiders are the ones that are eating all of the other annoying bugs you hate!

5. The Total Darkness And Lack Of Light

Of course, being out in the world is always best when you have the daylight to actually explore and enjoy yourself.

However, no one ever really tells you just how dark it can actually get out there. The forest can get so dark that you begin to hallucinate things.

Paranoia sets in as to how much can go wrong in the darkness that surrounds your campsite. It almost makes you not even want to retry to light the fire again.

Hopefully these factors have given you a lot to consider before making the big decision to take on this kind of lifestyle. Some people are able to do it and others should not even attempt it.


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