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6 Reasons To Make Time For A Daily Walk

Walking seems like such a lazy form of exercise, but it's actually one of the best things you can make time to do for yourself. Here's 6 reasons why I make time to walk every day.

1. Walking cuts through stress.

I won't lie: periodically, life gets hectic. When I find myself in a position where I can't focus, I have trouble completing my tasks, and I'm just getting overwhelmed, I get outside for a walk. During this time of year, it's rainy and everything is green where I live. It really cuts through the stress.

2. Walking improves your mood.

It's amazing how quickly you can go from grumpy to giddy after a quick walk. It does more than lift the occasional bad mood. Researchers at Duke University found that people who walk or jog for a half hour 3 times a week have reduced instances of depression, sometimes as effective as medication. Of course, don't go off your meds just because you're walking! Talk to your doctor first.

3. Walking makes you more creative.

Like I said before, walking can really clear out the cobwebs in your mind and help you focus. When you walk, especially in greener spaces, it actually improves divergent and convergent thinking, critical types of thinking for creativity.

4. It's good for your bones.

Walking, like any type of exercise, helps strengthen your bones, prevent osteoporosis, as well as spine shrinkage. Bone density is built through exercises, like walking, and help keep your skeletal system healthy long term.

5. Walking connects you to the world.

Sure, nothing quite beats social media for connecting with the world a thousand miles away, but do you know your neighbors? One poll found that one in three people don't know any of their immediate neighbors. Going for daily walks can introduce you to the people nearest to you and build great new friendships!

6. Walking is free.

A Harvard study found that for every dollar you invest in preventative health, and that includes time in the gym, you save $2.71 in future medical care. You know what beats gym time though? Walking! It's totally free to just go for a walk and it's some of the best exercise around.

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