8 Of The Best Fall Outdoor Activities

8 Of The Best Fall Outdoor Activities

Enjoying the outdoors during the summer is a top priority for a lot of people, but just because summer is coming to an end doesn't mean the outdoor fun has to end! There are a lot of great outdoor activities to enjoy in the autumn. These are our favorite.

Check out the fall leaves

From the second week of September to the end of October, leaves around North America begin to change and show some dazzling colors. Now is a good time to head out for a scenic drive to see the leaves change. Maybe while you’re out, find a hiking trail you’ve never hiked before and experience a new to you slice of nature!

Head to a pumpkin patch

Pumpkin season is upon is! Sure, all the pumpkin spice everything served up in restaurants and coffee shops is great, but what’s better than picking your own pumpkin right at the source? Many farms allow locals to come by, take a hayride, pet some goats in a petting zoo, and pick out their own pumpkins to make pies or carve jack-o-lanterns. It’s a perfect reason to get outside for the afternoon!

Go for a bike ride

Crisp autumn days make for good bike riding weather. In the sun, it’s sometimes warm enough to wear a t-shirt but layer up. I like to choose bike trails and neighborhoods with tons of old, mature trees. Maples and oaks are some of the most beautiful trees to enjoy on an autumn bike ride.

Take one last camping trip

Camping is one of our all time favorite summer activities, but just because summer is over doesn’t mean camping is over! Fall camping is still great. It gets us out of the house, out of the city, and into nature. Whether you’re camping with a big group of friends or on your own, there are tons of benefits. Fresh air, exercise, less stress, and good food all make camping an amazing fall activity.

Host a bonfire

Fall fires with friends are the best! The crisp cool air of autumn evenings are counteracted by the warmth of the fire. Hot cider, s’mores, and other foods roasted over the fire make it an ideal autumn activity. Plus who doesn’t love gathering their favorite people around a fire?

Visit an orchard

Like pumpkin patches, autumn is the time of year to visit your local orchard to do some fruit picking. Many of these orchards sell fresh cider and juices too, so stock up while you’re there!

Go for a hike

No time of year is truly bad for hiking, provided the temperatures outdoors are safe. Hiking is an excellent way to enjoy the beauty of autumn, and with summer’s heat fading away, it can definitely be a bit more comfortable. Consider taking a hike to enjoy the fall!

Prepare your garden for spring

Everyone thinks of springtime as the time of year for gardening, but a lot of work goes into planning for it. That work begins in the fall. If you’re planning to add spring flowers to your garden, perennial bulbs usually need to be planted in the fall. Pro tip: for very early color, plant crocus corms in October. The flowers will burst up through the snow early in the spring.

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