8 Weird Reasons You Should Love Trees

We like trees (as if you couldn't tell.) We all recognize them as vital to the health of our cities and our planet as well. But there are some pretty uncommon reasons to love a tree. Here's eight:

1. They give you pie.

When you look at a tree, you might not think, "Hey, thanks for the pie." But it's true, most types of pie come from trees. Apple, peach, apricot, and cherry to name a few. Thanks for the pies!

2. They make work easier.

According to one study, people who can see trees while at work experience less stress and are generally happy with their jobs. Hear that, boss? Let's see some trees!

3. They clean your house.

That's right, trees can actually make your house cleaner. They can reduce particulate airborne matter that piles up inside of your home. More trees = lest dust and grime.

4. They mitigate climate change.

Okay, this isn't a weird thing. This is an important thing. Climate change could have devastating impacts on our planet and the beings that live on it. An adult tree can soak up about 34 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.

5. They keep you cool.

Cities that have trees can be up to 10 degrees cooler in the summer than in areas without trees. This means less AC and less boiling to death in your skin on hot summer days.

6. You need them to breathe.

Most of the oxygen in the atmosphere comes from algae and other aquatic plant-based lifeforms, but trees have their benefits too. One adult tree provides the oxygen needed for 2 people to breathe. Thanks trees!

7. They're like tall green police officers.

You won't see a tree busting a drug deal on Cops, but they do actually reduce crime. The U.S. Forest Service says that a 10% increase in tree canopy corresponded with a 12% drop in crime. I guess it's hard to commit a crime when you're chilling under a tree reading a book.

8. They're good for the economy.

At the core of it all, trees are great because they end up paying us back. For every dollar spent planting a tree in a city, we make $5 back in cleaner air, reduced energy use, and better water quality and stormwater reduction.

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