An Orphaned Squirrel Became This Family's Cutest Companion

3 years ago, Louisiana was struck by Hurricane Isaac, a strong and destructive storm. Following the storm, an amazing human found a baby squirrel on the ground, thrown clear of its nest.

Without thinking, she brought the baby squirrel into her home and began to care for it. Not only did Jill, this little squirrel survive, but she's become a valued member of the family.

She's even kinda Instagram famous!

Because Jill was rescued and cared for in captivity by humans, she'll never be able to return safely to the wild. She doesn't seem to mind though!

Everything seems to be working out great for them. They were even able to teach her how to use the trash can as a bathroom. Impressive!

Enjoy these snapshots of Jill's new lease on life.

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