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China Announces Total Ban On Ivory By The End Of 2017

Pictured above: Kenya burns 105 tonnes of illegal ivory tusks. Source: AFP

China has taken an important step in eradicating the global ivory trade that threatens the existence of elephants everywhere. Conservationists are heralding this decision as being a "game-changer" for the threatened elephant.

China, which is easily the largest ivory trade on Earth, in banning the ivory trade is dealing a death-blow to the world ivory market. China is responsible for 70% of the global ivory demand.

Commercial processing of ivory in China will be officially over on March 31st, bringing the market to a halt by the end of the year.

"Setting such an aggressive timeline to close - once and for all - the largest domestic ivory market in the world is globally significant," says Elly Pepper, the deputy director of wildlife trade for the NRDC.

"It's a game changer and could be the pivotal turning point that brings elephants back from the brink of extinction," she said.

Ivory has been banned on the international market since 1989 but domestic markets have been allowed to continue all over the world.

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