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Hollywood and the Woods

As Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin struggle with the wilderness despite their bravado and intelligence, one has to wonder, should I ever even try? Sure, nobody wants their nature hikes to stem from an emergency landing, or sudden blizzard that chases them in the wrong direction. It just isn’t the way we pictured it. Our ambition and adventurous side (if we choose to have one) is what we are following into nature, and we hope it doesn’t lead us astray. The way Hollywood portrays nature certainly is strong enough to make one reconsider and journey into the wild.

edge_ver2Why on earth does Hollywood insist on making the wilderness so darn scary? Oh yeah, I guess the reason would be because it is entertaining. From “The Edge”, “Alive”, “Deliverance”, “The River Wild”, “The Beach”, “The Grey”, “Homeward Bound”, to even the oft bad-luck ridden “Without Paddle”! And I didn’t even want to mention “Fern Gully”, but being one of our beloved tentree treestories, I feel I must. The trees, which are so idolized and important, are being demolished. A disgusting and downright scary sight for young nature lovers (with a nicely instituted message to gain of course).These movies portray nature in the most unfriendly of circumstances.

Sure, there are a few human (or haunting) elements in these pictures, but even “Into the Wild”, that features a kid who really seeks to bond with nature, has a bad ending. Spoiler Alert: he ends up dying after ingesting a bad batch of berries (albeit a true story, a true story that Hollywood made into a film, nonetheless). These films are all pretty low key in comparison to the ones that feature natural disaster, or overgrown versions of animals that most definitely enjoy the taste of humans.

into the wild

The fact of the matter is; Hollywood produces movies that only use nature it would seem, as a conflict. Nature and the wilderness are not always heavily involved in the plot, or the main conflict, but always pose some level of threat. Even when characters have come prepared to tackle the forces of nature, something miraculous happens to compromise their plans. Sure, in actual reality bad things can happen. Like for instance, you’ve misplaced your matches, or your tent springs a leak. Not typically life-threatening, but annoying. In most instances when you’re watching movies like this your main thought is “can’t these people just get a win?”

It’s not to say that you mustn’t be careful and prepared when heading into the wilderness. Preparedness and knowledge of the terrain which you’re facing, pardon me, visiting, is crucial. It is after all, the “wild”. There are certain things that are must haves and certain places which are safe or unsafe. You cannot underestimate Mother Nature that’s for sure. Personally, I love being at the ocean, but I DO NOT like going into the ocean. The reason being, I have too much respect for the ocean. It is so massive that it I feel I am tempting it by entering. Some people may have the same issue with forests. These can be very intimidating expanses. It certainly doesn’t help when we have inserted thoughts from Hollywood’s nastiest natures.

I do not doubt that there are films out there which depict the wilderness in a beautiful and elegant form. There are so many amazing places to visit on this planet (maybe too many to see them all). Surely, someone has produced a movie or two that covers the vast and friendly nature. The fact is, that most movies involving wilderness first coming to mind, do not shed the best light. So I say, seek your own adventures and shed some wonderful rays of sunlight on the nature that welcomes you.

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