Meet Renu, The Durable Backpack Made From Plastic Waste

At tentree, our mission is to protect the world we play in. It's why we plant ten trees for each item purchased in our store, be it online or in person. Over time, these trees will reduce the carbon footprint of the products you buy as well as have a profoundly positive impact in the communities where they're planted.

But the ecological footprint of an item, like a shirt or a backpack, can't always be masked with tree planting. We're constantly striving to source better products, use friendlier materials, and grow our impact. It's why we rolled out hemp shirts for the first time ever for our fall collection, and it's why we're proud to introduce Renu 24L, a stylish and functional backpack made from 30 recycled plastic bottles.

tentree recycled renu backpack

But wait, wouldn't it be better to just recycle those plastic bottles? 

Something to take into consideration is the number of times a recyclable item can be recycled. Aluminum and glass can be recycled endlessly with no degradation of the quality of the material. Paper can be recycled up to 7 times. Cardboard can be recycled 4-5 times.

Plastic can be recycled only once.

So because plastic can only be recycled the one time, finding ways to build durable products, like the Renu backpack, out of plastic bottles is a huge step in the right direction. It gives long-term life to what would otherwise simply be a throw-away item.

tentree renu recycled backpack

Not only does the Renu backpack make a positive impact, it's built for every day use, whether you're off on a wilderness adventure or simply sending the kids off to school. It features a mesh water bottle pocket, a concealed front pocket zipper, and a 15 inch laptop sleeve.

And like everything else in our store, we plant 10 trees for each item purchased. Included with every tentree product is a metal token containing a one-of-a-kind tree code. Register your tree code to see where your ten trees are planted and discover your impact.

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