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Men's Fall Fashion 2014

Fall is coming in hot; at somewhat of a cool temperature. It’s not quite time for the pumpkin spiced lattes and the generation of Halloween costume ideas, but it’s getting close. Whether we like it or not, that means we have to adjust our fashion sense and lengthen, layer, and label. There can be a few different approaches when it comes to fashion this fall. Earthy tones, the minimalist approach, and making noise are all directions to go when shopping for this fall. I am not a fashion expert, but I do enjoy the topic and following the current trends. So let this be called… an overview from someone who cares. What you’re wearing really depends on who you are, where you go, and what you need!

DSC_0217The Mistral is the perfect earth-toned shirt designed with nature in mind.

Earthy tones brings us back to the roots that we walk upon. Nothing says fall like blending the browns, greens, reds, and yellows of Mother Nature. As the leaves turn colour and the air grows brisk, bright summer shades quickly become a memory. The earthy toned look certainly gives off the impression that you are one with green living and sustainability (so it would be a good idea to put that into practice). It can also be a clean, crisp look when worn in today’s modern cuts. It is important though, not to overdo it with the earthy tones ensemble. Don’t try to match your browns with browns, throw in a nice burgundy or green.

harmattan_green_whales_2The Harmattan, in green or sand, is a great minimalist basic to add to your wardrobe.

When I refer to the minimalist approach in fashion, this is a combination of colour (or lack thereof), dollar savings, and little brand flaunting. We went through a phase where basic was best, and that has changed over the last few seasons. Printed tees and hoodies have made a comeback, but that doesn’t mean basic isn’t still killing it. The beauty of the basic (minimalist approach) is that it can be attained at a great dollar. You’re never overpaying for that print, and if you are overpaying for basic, it better be for great reason. The minimalist approach is a great look that can be worn as clean, dirty, cool, dressed up, and dressed down. Don’t be afraid to add your own flare to this approach though. A small piece to compliment your basics can really make them pop!


As we switch back to pants from a summer full of shorts do we need to update the closet? Well, skinny is still the name of the game. Things haven’t changed much since last fall in that regard; the 90’s didn’t suddenly return. One key from last season to this season may be the prints involved. Bold is not frowned upon. Individualism is important to today’s fashion fiend and it all starts with the pantaloons. Don’t be shy! Whether wearing a pair of jeans or a pair of joggers there is no shame in stepping across the line.

As we move up the wardrobe we find that printed tees are also hot (as mentioned above). Again, we don’t want to be mashing up prints like a DJ mashing up tracks at the nightclub. Toned down whites and blacks go great with one piece of print. Wearing some loud clothing can certainly get you noticed and show off the vibrant chap that you are.

Fashion is in the eye of the beholder and no one (in my opinion) should be allowed to judge it. But no matter how individual we all are there will always be trends, styles, and phases of fashion. This is no different for the season of fall. Our surroundings will heavily dictate what we need to wear as the seasons change. Let your personality figure out the rest.

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