Speak For The Trees

Speak For The Trees

Trees are our thing—which is why we’ve always felt a connection to Dr. Seuss’s character: The Lorax. The Lorax is the guardian of the forest. He speaks for the trees who can’t speak up for themselves. Dr. Seuss wrote The Lorax in 1971 to remind us just how important our natural environment is and inspire a new generation of environmentalists. And although it was written almost 50 years ago, his message rings more true today than ever before.

Although small, The Lorax comes to the defense of the forest and its creatures time and time again. We believe that big change starts small. Small like one person (or furry orange creature) making more earth-friendly choices. And while it might seem like all the little things don’t add up, they do. Just by having a conversation about the environment, or about the 10 trees you planted—you’re making a difference. If all 7.5 billion of us were having these conversations, our planet might be in a very different (less scary) state right now. 

Like the Lorax, we consider ourselves guardians of the forest. We speak for the trees because we know they’re one of the best ways to care for our planet. Planting trees doesn’t just rebuild the natural world around us, it directly impacts people’s lives for the better and creates lasting change. So with a little help from our friend The Lorax, we’re hoping you’ll help us spread the word. Let’s stick up for our forests and the planet we all call home.

We hope you love the tentree x Dr.Seuss collection as much as we do.

Save these Seussian mobile backgrounds if you’re looking for a sustainable sidekick. The Lorax will be your little orange reminder to bring your tote bag to the store, throw that reusable water bottle in your backpack, and put your veggie scraps in the compost. 


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