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Strike A Pose: Fashions Trending for 2015

With spring and summer finally in full swing, it’s quite common for the bright sunny days to inspire us to go on a shopping spree and pick out a whole new wardrobe. This season has plenty of crop tops, sun dresses, jersey styles, and floral patterns (I’ve been seeing a lot of daisy and sunflowers this year) to offer. But when it comes to next year, the fashion world is already hard at work setting the next trends; and I don’t know about you, but I’m already excited.

FW-2015-coolcolours When winter hits, both the end of this year and beginning of 2015 will be seeing a lot of cool relaxing colours, mainly stemming from blues (such as teal and cool mint) and purples (such as mauve and violet). Following along with the relaxation trend will be looser fits and softer fabrics, offering a cozier sense of comfort for the cold months ahead without losing that fashionable statement. Pieces with a solid colour will be available but with a common chosen theme for next year being “Memory,” you will also notice a lot of fusion pieces with a sort of airbrushed watercolour look to symbolize memories in motion.

Black and white outfits will always claim a classic look. But the colour combination will also act as a smooth transition between Winter and Spring next year with it’s wonderful ability to be arranged into an eye catching pattern without being too loud. It will follow a core theme that will begin to set the trends for the coming seasons as we head into spring.

Patterns, prints, and bold graphics will be very popular in the spring lineup next year. Both the close-knit patterns of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s and the spaced out doodles/sketches look of the 80’s, as well as stripes will make more of a comeback. Making our range of choice much more varied than the annual floral theme (which always leaves me cringing at the thought of hearing Miranda Priestly’s, “Florals? For spring; Groundbreaking.”). In our modern age of technology, the patterns and prints emphasize the theme of "impulse" as we begin to move into summer while still remembering past classics such as denim and leather jackets.

2015-brightpastels Although the colours will still be relaxed in the summer, we’ll start seeing a lot of bright pastel shades reminiscent of fruits and ice creams, perfect for the beach. Men’s suits will also be bright and colourful while being more focused on a casual look, with a looser fit influenced by sport and modest Mediterranean lifestyle; the look often being rounded out with some simple sneakers and/or a loose tie or scarf.

And one wild card theme set to steal some of the spotlight is *drumroll* Steampunk! Finally stepping forward out of the underground and fan expos, Steampunk is already strutting its stuff in the shoe industry and is set to work it’s way more into the mainstream of things next year. Exciting things are ahead, folks. Get ready to strike your 2015 pose!

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