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Summer 2014 Makeup Trends

School’s out, and that means you’ve finally got time to stay up late, sleep in all day and play with all the hot new trends in makeup this season. From juicy tangerine lip tints to futuristic eyeliner, there’s a lot to experiment with from the runways of Paris and Milan this summer. Get your brushes poised and ready to try these beauty picks from the catwalk:

• Bushy Eyebrows

You can thank “It-Girl” Cara DeLevingne for influencing the likes of Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein to set their Spring/Summer 2014 runway models with full, brown-nearly-black eye curtains. Put away the tweezers and grab a pencil to create blunt and feral brows, reminiscent of schoolboy crushes and the ’90s. The darker, the better but add a natural contrast by wearingnude lip gloss, just a smidge of eyeshadow and a little bronzer.

eyeliner • Bold eyeliner

While fashion critics argue between retro cat-eyes and more straightforward strokes for this season, one thing’s for sure: black eyeliner is still an ultimate icon of style. The catwalk look has gotten more graphic and unconventional, with thick dashes on both the top and bottom to eyes shaped in bold, smoky triangles. If you are adventurous, pick up on Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus who have both Instagrammed photos with dyed-out eyebrows to make thick eyeliner even more dramatic.

orangelips • Orange lips

In Paris and Milan, lips were au natural on the catwalk, but trust New York and London to go a completely other direction! Orange was the colour du jour at both fashion weeks, with models sporting full pouts in contrasting shades from pastel coral to blistering apricot. Wear matte for a more hipster-retro feel or a bit of gloss overtop to go glamorous.

whiteeyeliner • White eyeliner

The ’90s hasn’t tended to repeat itself very often so far in fashion history, but white eyeliner has made for an interesting exception as of late. What’s great about a white pencil is it has the power to instantly make the eyes look fresh and awake. It also surprisingly pairs great with the orange lipstick aforementioned above.

• Bronze skin

All these big makeup statements call for a little toning down – and that’s where a little bronzer can go a long way. Golden glows were spotted everywhere at shows from Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior and Michael Kors, highlighting a healthy beach tint as the most necessary sexy look.

blueeyeshadow • Blue eyeshadow

Pop culture has always poked fun at Mimi from The Drew Carey Show for her horrific blue eyeshadow. But it seems she has finally gotten her come-uppance! Blue eyeshadow is back in some very shocking shades, including a not-so-shy aqua. Marc Jacobs featured a lot of blue in this season’s, lining some models under the eye but splashing royal blue around the entire lid on others. Be shocking with just a sheer blue shadow and bushy eyebrows on top.

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