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There is something about hiking up a mountain, making food over a fire, and sleeping on the ground that brings people together. The enjoyment of this experience strongly relies on the people involved, so here are my 5 essential people to bring camping. Which one are you?

A 10-14 Day Iceland Explorer/Photographer Itinerary

PART TWO: Places 18 to 35

Art inspired by nature is always beautiful, but what about art being done on pieces of nature itself? That’s the essence behind leaf carve art, when artists find leaves in nature then carve amazingly detailed images onto them. Pressed behind a glass frame, these leaf works of art can then be preserved forever.

tentree is working the Urunji Childcare Trust and 4-H to help reforest Malawi. While visiting Malawi, we got to see some amazing places. Here are 10 we would recommend.

I hope you like fresh air… ‘Instagram’ is becoming increasingly popular everyday, where more and more people are sharing their lives online through personal photos and words. The outdoor community in itself is growing at a rapid rate. Where outdoor enthusiasts have chosen to express themselves by posting their adventures and sharing their experiences with others. By doing so they are inspiring others to get outside, and they are inspired in return, by like-minded individuals.

Over the course of thousands of years, and across great civilizations, nature always seems to have the upper hand. If your love of history melds with your passion for nature, then these 10 incredible spots are worth a visit to expand your mind.

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