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Traditional tires pose a number of serious environmental concerns that aren't always mitigated by proper disposal. In the United States alone, more than 170 million tires are manufactured, each one requiring 7 gallons of oil to produce. That's almost 2 billion gallons of oil needed every year, the same amount required to drive a 25 MPG car to the planet Mercury.

On Monday, August 21st, a large portion of North America is going to be treated to an eclipse of the sun. The eclipse's totality, which is the point where the sun is fully blocked by the moon, will cut a large path across the United States, from Oregon to South Carolina. And it's in South Carolina where some paranormal eclipse intrigue begins.

Large carnivores around the world have been in steep decline for the last century. Upwards of 95% of wild tiger populations have been destroyed since 1900. But there are signs that tigers are making a comeback. Here are 4 stories that spell good news for the world's tigers.

How long dogs have been a part of our lives is a bit of a mystery. Archaeologists have made confirmed discoveries of remains of dogs buried with humans dating back 14,700 years, and some burial sites may be up to 36,000 years old.

In the fight to protect animals, people engage in a lot of different activities, from promoting alternatives to animal products to sometimes engaging in more extreme, illegal activities, like liberating laboratory animals.

Many animals around the world face extinction due to human influences on their habitat. Many organizations exist today that are fighting for the plants and animals that are endangered and at risk of extinction.

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