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At tentree, our mission is to protect the world we play in. It's why we plant ten trees for each item purchased in our store, be it online or in person. Over time, these trees will reduce the carbon footprint of the products you buy as well as have a profoundly positive impact in the communities where they're planted.

It's been a long Winter, hasn't it? Everyone I know is itching for warmer weather so they can get outside and enjoy some sunshine. So, with Spring quickly approaching, I thought I'd tell you all about a great family outdoor adventure idea.

If you're acrophobic (afraid of heights) or gephyrophobic (afraid of bridges), you are NOT going to want to read this article. But, if you're a thrill-seeker, read on!

Spending time in the backcountry can take a toll on your personal hygiene. Here are some tips and ideas for you to stay fresh and clean(er) while adventuring!

A world without trees means a world without these 10 tree memories. At tentree we want to keep these memories alive.

tentree is proud to announce the Cambodian Collection, a project dedicated to working towards helping reverse the effects of mass deforestation experienced throughout Cambodia over the past decades. The process of creating our exclusive online capsule has been a labour of love for everyone involved, and we couldn't be prouder to present it to you. Through this project, we are able to eagerly look forward to a brighter future and prosperity for all Cambodians.

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