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If you're acrophobic (afraid of heights) or gephyrophobic (afraid of bridges), you are NOT going to want to read this article. But, if you're a thrill-seeker, read on!

I bet if you were to ask the person sitting next to you if he/she thought that there were any animals left on the planet that haven't been discovered, you would most likely get the answer, "Of course not!" Well, actually, there are!

There is something about hiking up a mountain, making food over a fire, and sleeping on the ground that brings people together. The enjoyment of this experience strongly relies on the people involved, so here are my 5 essential people to bring camping. Which one are you?

It's no secret that tree planting can be a tough job. It's often ranked as one of the 5 toughest jobs in Canada, and in some countries, criminals are forced to do the work. To help you survive the season and keep you planting, we've got the top 10 ways to look after yourself while planting.

Planting trees is what we're all about. We plant 10 for each item purchased in our store! None of it would be possible without an army of dedicated tree planters.

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