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Let's start now number ten/

If you're acrophobic (afraid of heights) or gephyrophobic (afraid of bridges), you are NOT going to want to read this article. But, if you're a thrill-seeker, read on!

There is something about hiking up a mountain, making food over a fire, and sleeping on the ground that brings people together. The enjoyment of this experience strongly relies on the people involved, so here are my 5 essential people to bring camping. Which one are you?

It's no secret that tree planting can be a tough job. It's often ranked as one of the 5 toughest jobs in Canada, and in some countries, criminals are forced to do the work. To help you survive the season and keep you planting, we've got the top 10 ways to look after yourself while planting.

First off, let me define what I mean by environmentalist: a person who cares about the environment enough to take measures to protect it, a person who believes that outdoor reflection influences development, someone who actively and openly appreciates what nature gives us, these are all environmentalists. I’m interested in these people.

A 10-14 Day Iceland Explorer/Photographer Itinerary

PART TWO: Places 18 to 35

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