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One of the greatest problems with our world today that has an extreme impact on the climate is deforestation. So, what alternatives are there for us to look at if we can't chop down trees to make timber and more room for us to grow crops? Well, one effective alternative that can help is known as the "Payment for Ecosystem Services" or otherwise known as PES.

Vancouver, Canada - August 29, 2017 — tentree, one of the fastest growing apparel brands in North America, has reached a milestone of 15 million trees planted around the world. Since 2012,  tentree has grown from a small local brand to a global movement, inspiring environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and community education worldwide.

Since April of 2015, tentree has been planting trees across Haiti. As of this writing, 667,870 trees have been planted around the island nation. The seasonal changes determine the kind of work we do in Haiti. While the tree planting doesn't last year round, there's always something to do. Now that the rainy season in Haiti has started, t's time to get planting.

At the end of last year we provided our partners with over $30,000 USD to purchase a boat in order to provide the team with easier access to supplies, saplings, wages, and more.

One of the reasons we plant 10 trees for each item purchased in our store is because of their longevity. Long after you and I are gone, the trees we plant will still be giving back to this planet in an incredible way. And that's why we like to feature trees like this one.

New York isn't all that well known for being an eco-friendly, sustainable city. They lag behind the rest of the United States in a lot of different areas, like recycling for example. But one way they make up for it is in trees.

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