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Thousands of years ago, the first human settlement that resembled today's cities was established. It was called Uruk, and it was built by the Sumerians, a civilization long since gone. Since then, thousands of cities have developed all over the world, offering a safe home for generations of humans.

Lots of people love to go to Farmer's Markets - me included. That's not at all surprising considering the fact that there is nothing like the taste of freshly picked, locally grown produce! But, in many parts of the world, fresh fruits and vegetables are really hard to come by in the Winter months.

At the end of last year we provided our partners with over $30,000 USD to purchase a boat in order to provide the team with easier access to supplies, saplings, wages, and more.

Since its very first issue in 1888, National Geographic Magazine has provided us with some of the most beautiful and amazing photos of nature from all over the world. Below are 6 of their photos that I believe are the most exceptionally rare.

Most of our blogs center around trees, forests, and places where trees grow. Makes sense, right? We're tentree - we plant 10 trees for each item purchased in our store. But sometimes it's fun to look at other, perhaps less treed parts of the world.

When most people think about Antarctica, they think of a frozen, desolate, uninhabitable place. It's not! While Antarctica may not house many vertebrates, it is home to thousands of species of plant and marine life! The number of people who inhabit Antarctica ranges from around 1000 in the Winter to 5000 in the Summer.

If you're a nature lover and planning a trip to San Francisco for business or pleasure, there are a lot of parks and hikes that will satisfy your soul. My personal favorite is this secret waterfall that you can find right on the beach north of the city. But, one place in particular is a spectacle that you simply must take in!

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