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One of the things that human-caused climate change threatens to do is change weather patterns slightly or significantly. Places that once received rain may become dry and vice versa. Saving water isn't just smart for your wallet, but communities that use water more wisely will be more resilient to climate change's worst impacts. Here's 10 ways to save water that cost you nothing (or very little.)

10 Inexpensive (Or Free!) Ways To Save Water

Shopping for your food locally has a number of benefits. These are just 10 reasons you should buy local food:

10 Reasons To Buy Food Locally

There are a lot of reasons to recycle if you don't already. 

10 Reasons To Recycle (If You Don't Already)

It's almost summer time and May is bike to work month, so maybe it's time we talk about the benefits of biking instead of driving! Sure, we're pretty tree focused here: we plant 10 trees for each item purchased in our store! But we love encouraging new ways to be kinder to the Earth.

9 Reasons You Should Try Biking To Work

Organized balloon releases happen for a number of occasions. We let balloons go to commemorate major events, fundraisers, grand openings, and sometimes mourn those we've lost. And in a lot of ways, it makes sense that letting balloons go would be comforting. We watch them rise into the sky and eventually out of sight, hoping they land in a better place.

We Need To Stop Releasing Balloons - This Is The Reason Why

Pretty much every human being knows something about love and friendship, but these two friends show us that if a dog and a duck can become pals, then no two humans could possibly be enemies forever.

We Can All Learn A Lot About Friendship From This Unlikely Duck-Dog Duo

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