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What can we learn from nature?
5 Life Lessons We Can All Learn From Nature

Earth Day isn’t the only day you can take steps to make the environment better. In fact, it’s really easy to go green on a daily basis, and in doing so, you’ll be improving your own life. Follow these 10 easy, day-to-day steps to contribute to a better environment and protect the planet we live on.

Ready To Go Green? Here's 11 Easy Ways To Protect Your World

At tentree we do our best to make an impact but we can't change the world on our own. Here are 10 ways going green benefits you:

10 Reasons To Go Green

It may seem like the end of the world when your bank account is empty and all your friends are at happy hour. But sometimes being broke — or saving for a big trip next month — can be one of the best things that ever happens to us. It pushes us outside our comfort zone, and allows us to think of creative new things to explore — both outdoors and within ourselves. Here are 10 ways to have fun without spending any money:

10 Ways To Have Fun Outside Without Spending Any Money

Bill payments. Time crunches. Work pressure. Friend drama. Family feuds. Nagging colleagues. Trying to ‘fit in’. Traffic jams. Disorganization. Never ending ‘must do’ lists. City pollution. Exhaustion. Phone calls. Emails. Social media. Depression. Anxiety. Disappointments. Illness. Money troubles. Do you have a headache yet?

10 Ways To Benefit From 'Eco Therapy'

We’ve all heard about the dangers of using household commercial cleaners. It’s common knowledge that a lot of the products on the market these days contain harsh, toxic chemicals like phenol, formaldehyde and ammonia that can irritate the respiratory system and even leave long-term carcinogens in the body. And just because a cleaner is labeled “natural”, doesn’t mean that it is – right now, there are no laws that dictates how companies can advertise and label their products. Anything can be natural, with the right spin doctrine.

5 Reasons To Start Using Natural Cleaners

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