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2020 isn't just the start of a new year but a new decade! With another...
Why You Should Plan A Staycation In 2020
Every big change starts with a series of tiny acts, and that the most impactful change starts with you. Each of those environmental acts add up.
Big Change Starts Small - Everything You Do Adds Up
If you go out to your mailbox to check your mail today, chances are, there's...
100 Million Trees Are Cut Down For Junk Mail Each Year. Here's How To Stop It For Good
What happens to your body when you die? In Washington, you can compost yourself.
Washington Becomes First US State To Allow Human Composting
If you've made a purchase from tentree, you likely know that we plant 10 trees...
How to dispose of tentree tree code tokens and tags
Letting a balloon go is bad news for the environment. Here are a few eco friendly alternatives to balloon releases.
5 Eco Friendly Alternatives To Balloon Releases

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