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Tanks and Trees

Summertime is around the corner and it’s time for the new threads to come out and play. Though at times it may seem bleak that summer really does exist in our fair country, it in fact does! Even if feels like it'll never arrive, we must force ourselves to recognise that hot weather will suddenly appear. For this, we must be prepared and in tune with what the ongoing fashions may be. That being said, deciding what is hot and what is not can often be a challenge. The eye of the beholder may come into effect here, because we all know “cool” is really what you make of it.

Summer is a great season because it is a season to be bold. It’s short lived, and allows for the taking of fashion risks. It also allows you to sacrifice practicality for style. In the fall, winter, and spring, we’re often challenged by fashion to be daring, stunning, but also warm! The hot season allows us to drop that discretion and put on whatever we want. Even if you want to dress warm and be hot, at least you won’t be cold. Get what I’m saying? So being bold, is that a must? No it’s not a must, but the option is there.

I remember one time my mom purchased me these funky sandals back in the day, and I was surprised when it happened. Normally, she would not allow for the buying of something she was afraid I’d never wear. With these sandals though, she said “Hey, it’s summer, you can go a little crazy.” Since that moment I realized she was right, summer is a time to push the fashion limits a little bit with bright colours, intrepid patterns, and fearless designs.

summertime1 I think that as a culture we have come a long way in what we allow socially for summer wear. To me, summer is the least judged season of fashion. Fabric is less, and people respect one’s ability to be comfortable during the high temperatures. I mean really, there was a time when tanks were a bit of a faux pas for the gentlemen, but now you’re pretty much required to have one before exiting home and entering the social fray. Suns out guns out no longer applies to the muscle bound. The blend of keeping cool and looking cool comes out full force here. Nobody cares if you have wet noodles for arms; they just want you to be chill and happy.

And my favorite thing about summer fashion in Canada? Well, that is still having the ability to wear a hoodie (bunny hug), or a great pair of pants. Whether it’s a cloudy day, a walk through the shaded forest, or just a cool evening after a beautiful afternoon, summer allows for use of warm clothes too. You can rock the shorts and tank all day and night if you so choose, but if you’re feeling a little too chilly, you can comfortably bust out the tentree "hilltops" and drift into the night. When you rise again in the morning, and choose to take in our great nature, wear bold, wear daring, or just wear you.

*photos taken from diskool97 and frogytwilight.

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