Ten Things to Buy for Tree Planting

When you’re heading to the bush for a season of tree planting, it’s essential to be prepared, but it’s also essential to pack light. If you’re living in a bush camp, you’ll be pulling up your tent once every two or three weeks to head to a new project, and you don’t want to bring more things that you can carry. Despite that, here is a list of ten essentials that you’ll need to do your job:

1) Planting Bags


These are used to carry your seedlings around comfortably.

2) Shovel


You’ll need a shovel to open the holes for the seedlings.

3) Boots


Light hiking boots won’t cut it. You’ll want professional gear, because your boots will take a pounding over the course of the summer.

4) Rain Coat

There is nothing worse than a day of misery on the blocks if you get wet and cold during a rain storm.

5) Tent


A good tent will keep the bugs out, keep you dry, and will last for several seasons.

6) Sleeping Bag

Don’t try to save money by purchasing a budget sleeping bag! A high-quality sleeping bag that’s good to at least twenty degrees below freezing will keep you well rested during those cold nights at the start of the season.

7) Foamie

A foamie is a large piece of sponge foam, several inches thick, that you can put under your sleeping bag at night. You’ll sleep much better because of it. Foamies are better than air mattresses, because you might accidentally puncture your air mattress.

8) Water Jugs

You don’t need to spend a lot of money here. Even a couple of used plastic jugs will work fine. Just make sure you bring lots of water to the block each day, to keep yourself hydrated.

9) Bug Spray


Depending on where you work, the mosquitoes and black flies can either be tolerable or terrible. If they’re driving you crazy, this stuff is worth its weight in gold.

10) Cell Phone

A cell phone is NOT critical gear. Many people prefer to spend their season without regular access to telephone and internet. But a cell phone can be useful because it’s a good substitute for three other key items: an alarm clock, a flashlight that lets you find the outhouses in the dark, and a camera to save memories of your season. The only problem is finding a way to keep it charged. Make sure you buy a protective case for it!

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