the benefits of planting trees in Canada

Your impact -- tentree is happy to be working with different planting groups throughout Canada including, The Jefferies Eco-Farm, Tree Canada, and the City of Sudbury. The ten trees planted in Sudbury, Canada on your behalf will help:

1) Reverse erosion

tentree canada Loss of the forests has resulted in extensive soil erosion, with the spring melt washing the soil into valleys, lakes, and streams. By planting in small pockets of remaining soil, the trees’ roots will bind the existing soil in place, reducing further erosion.

2) Soil restoration

tentree canada Once a vegetative cover is established, leaf litter will begin to accumulate and add organic matter to the soil which was lost during the erosion process. Organic matter is an important component of any soil, providing nutrients and moisture control.

3) Create a habitat

Forest creatures require food and shelter to survive. By planting components of the original forest and supplementing with other native species we are re-creating habitat that was lost a century ago.

4) Increase biodiversity

tentree canada planting site Once the nurse crop of pine trees is established, other native under story trees and shrubs will be planted to increase biodiversity of the forests so they are better able to become sustainable forest ecosystems in the face of climate change.

5) Clean the air

tentree canada Trees can trap airborne contaminants making the air cleaner for the local residents. Local air quality improvements have been achieved by local mining companies and trees assist with further cleaning of urban pollution.

6) Buffer storm water runoff

tentree canada The greater the amount of tree cover in a watershed (area of land where all of the water flows to the same place), the healthier the receiving stream or lake. That’s because all the vegetation in the watershed helps to soak up and filter the rainwater. CGS has 330 lakes within its municipal boundaries that many residents use as drinking water, fishing opportunities and other recreational uses.

7) Protect our lakes

tentree canada Lakes located in the barren areas are still suffering due to lack of organic matter from fallen leaves, tree trunks and woody debris in the water. These elements greatly increase the food and shelter for aquatic organisms, including several fish species. Trees are planted densely within a 100 m buffer of lakes and streams.

8) Educate the community

tentree canada Hands-on learning opportunities are provided to countless schools, organizations, and businesses in the form of field trips, tree planting events, and seminars. Citizens are also encouraged to become educated in local biodiversity by participating in on-line ecological surveys.

9) Provide employment

tentree canada This seasonal operation provides temporary employment opportunities to students and other out of work individuals. Past partnerships with the Federal and Provincial governments have provided employment opportunities to those receiving social assistance, improving their future employability. Since 1978, over 4,600 temporary positions have been created.

10) Establish reliable partners

tentree Our major partner on the ground in Ontario is the City of Greater Sudbury’s Regreening Program. Their regreening recipe (lime, fertilize, seed, plant) has won them international recognition and they have become a model to the world of what can be done to restore industrially damaged landscapes.

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