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tentree is proud to announce the Cambodian Collection, a project dedicated to working towards helping reverse the effects of mass deforestation experienced throughout Cambodia over the past decades. The process of creating our exclusive online capsule has been a labour of love for everyone involved, and we couldn't be prouder to present it to you. Through this project, we are able to eagerly look forward to a brighter future and prosperity for all Cambodians.
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Ten Tree Cambodia-17

Seedlings prepared for planting.

cambodia2Tree Planting Cambodia 2014 Luc Forsyth-87Tree Planting Cambodia 2014 Luc Forsyth-63

tentree, with the help of Buddhist monks, students, and The Model Teens, planted 10,000 trees together in Cambodia on temple grounds and at schools. The species planted included Kro Nhoung, Beng, Kor Ki, Chres, Raing Phnom, and Mai Sak.


A Khmer nun weaves together bracelets for the tentree limited edition Cambodian Collection.

© Chris Graham Photo 2014© Chris Graham Photo 2014

The in-house design of the men's and ladies' "Cambodia" tees are inspired by the Khmer script of Cambodia, and are a simple representation of the collection. The oldest known inscription of Khmer ever discovered was found in Takeo province in the south of Cambodia, and is dated to 611 AD. Today, roughly 16 million people speak Khmer as their first language, primarily in Cambodia itself.


Illustrator Oleg Portnoy references the ancient, but still widely practiced, Cambodian art form of shadow puppet theatre in his men's and ladies' designs. The puppets, which depict either the narration of the Indian epic of the Ramayana or comical renditions of ancient and contemporary folktales, are made from intricately carved pieces of buffalo or cow leather. The graphic prints feature a Hanuman-inspired shadow puppet character growing into a tree, as well as an Asian elephant, and are a testament to the intrinsic connection we as humans have with the Earth.


The typographic prints by illustrator Nicholas Moegly read: Remember the past; Look to the future. It is a testament to the Khmer people of Cambodia, who have faced unbelievable adversity in the past, but have continued on with determination and strength.

© Chris Graham Photo 2014

All Cambodia Collection items are accompanied by a hand stamped muslin bag, limited edition metallic ink poster on FSC certified paper detailing our special planting project in Cambodia, and hand-made bracelet woven by a Khmer nun and blessed by Buddhist monks.

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