The Importance of Spreading the Word About tentree

The wonderful thing about tentree is we know right off the bat that their main goal is to plant trees and contribute to a healthy future for this planet and generations to come. It’s not a perk they use to reel us in in order to sell overpriced clothes and pocket the cash; even though they could get clothes made dirt cheap in China or Bangladesh (the top 2 exporters of readymade garments in the world where the average worker earns $38 a month) like a major percentage of brand name clothing companies do. But not tentree. Even where their clothes are concerned, tentree is dedicated to fair labour, safe working conditions, and minimizing their environmental footprint to the point of reducing pollution through shipping by %15 (more information on this can be found on tentree’s Company page of their main website).

The important thing about choosing to support tentree is that we are not only supporting them and the people they help gain self-sufficiency, we are setting an example and encouraging other companies to take up the same values. If we make it clear that we realize that a piece of clothing doesn’t just appear out of thin air and that we actually care about where it came from and how it was made, perhaps they’ll start looking at the impact their companies have on the world beyond their bank accounts.

roots I know it may seem like we don’t have a say in how these big companies run, but we, as the customers, really do. They need us to survive. If we do not demand, they must find a new way to supply. Even if we only follow, like, and reblog posts that tentree makes on their social media sites, we’re proving that they are the company that has our attention and support. And if other companies want that back from us, then they will have to adopt policies that we, the customers, demand and support, and show us some results.

If we continue to spread the word about tentree, whether it’s by telling someone where you got your cool shirt (and why the company that made it is even cooler) or reblogging social media that intrigues the reader, we continue to educate the people around us on what ethical choices are offered and encourage them to make a positive difference in this world when it’s available to them. We do have the power to change the world for the better; even if we have to start small. How does that song go? “You’ve gotta have roots before branches”.

smallacts Spreading the word about tentree is as easy as dressing for the occasion or clicking a mouse. So, if we all continue to do our part, the bar will be set and other companies will soon have to follow. We’ve recently planted our first million trees, which is no small feat, and it’s all thanks to those who chose to support tentree’s dream; A dream that is now a thriving reality and can continue to set an ever growing example of ethical manufacturing. So, let’s keep spreading word, keep raising the bar, and keep planting!

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