This Is Why We Use Plant-Based Dyes On Our Products

This Is Why We Use Plant-Based Dyes On Our Products

When choosing eco-friendly clothing, what the garment is made out of is front and center. We look to materials like organic cotton, hemp, and Tencel to help deliver us from cheap, fast-fashion that harms the planet.

Clothes manufacturing has one of the greatest water-footprints of any industry, and the process of dying fabric plays a huge part. Many of these dyes are not particularly environmentally friendly and in some places, the untreated wastewater produced when dying garments is dumped directly back into local waterways. The process of color-treating fabric contributes to as much as 20% of the world’s water pollution!


To reach our goal of being the most eco-progressive company in the world, we knew we couldn’t be business-as-usual when it comes to color-treating our garments. This is why we are incorporating natural, biodegradable dyes into some of our clothing. 

How are each of these dyes made? Each color dye is produced from a different plant. For example, our red dyes are made from beets. Black dyes are made by the fruits of the Terminala Cherbula tree. And Brown dyes are made from cutch wood. These plant-based dyes create a muted, more earthy-colored fabric, less vibrant and bright, but more natural in appearance.

Choosing plant-based dyes is the way to go for the world’s most eco-progressive brand. The impact on the environment is significantly reduced. If you’re looking for an earthy, eco friendly garment, look no further than tentree!

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