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This Secret Waterfall Near San Francisco Offers A One-Of-A-Kind Hiking Experience

San Francisco is a vacation destination for many people for very good reason. From the "painted ladies" to the Golden Gate Bridge; the delicious food and shopping at Fisherman's Wharf; historic Alcatraz Island; the botanical gardens, museums, the zoo...San Francisco is bound to have something that everyone will love.

If you love to vacation in nature, however, San Francisco is probably not the first place you'd think to go. But, you'd be wrong. The San Francisco Bay Area has quite a lot for the nature lover to explore. One such place is the amazing Alamere Falls.

Alamere Falls is found within the Philip Burton Wilderness in Marin County, about an hour and a half drive from San Francisco. It is not a short or easy hike to get to the falls, but the sight is well worth the trek. And, you can even walk behind the falls!


Although many articles and social media posts say to take the Alamere Falls Trail, it is not recommended that you do so. That trail is very dangerous and not well-marked. The safest way to visit the falls is by hiking to Wildcat Campground, then walking about a mile to the falls. This can only be done during low tide, so be sure to check tidal conditions before you go. pic_wildcat_beach_south_060419_480x320

The falls is also a very popular destination, so get there early or go mid-week. For more information, visit The National Park Service's website. pic_alamere_falls_double_point_060419_480x320

All photos courtesy of The National Park Service.

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