This Shop Is Fighting Plastic Waste With A Refillable Milk Station

This Shop Is Fighting Plastic Waste With A Refillable Milk Station

If you're a milk drinker, you've probably noticed that most milk today comes in a plastic jug (or plastic bags if you live in Canada). Zero waste milk is not something easy to find. But one shop owner in Llangefni, Anglesey, Whales, has an idea for how to reduce plastic pollution: a refillable milk station.

Paul Ellis, who runs the Siop Ellis Spar with his partner, Leonie Gaulton, says the idea has been very popular. Patrons of the shop can buy a reusable glass bottle or bring in their own containers and fill up their container from a 14 liter filling station.

Credit where it's due, Ellis notes that it was his partner's idea. "Like all great ideas it was my missus's," he said.

The idea has been commended by local leaders. The Anglesey council said the shop is setting a great example for reducing plastic pollution and waste.

After just one week of having the milk filling station, the shop reports selling approximately 40 liters of milk per day.

"We don't need everybody to make a massive change," says Ellis. "it just needs a lot of people to make a small change."

Annwen Morgan, of Anglesey council, said: "This is the latest in a number of innovative schemes by businesses on the island." said Annwen Morgan, who serves on the Anglesey council. "The milk machine scheme is a great example of what can be done to tackle disposable plastic and help make a difference."

Environmental activists are encouraged. Kristy Luff from Friends of the Earth Cymru said the popularity of the filling station is encouraging.

"It's wonderful to see this milk refill scheme in Anglesey proving so popular with shoppers," said Luff. "The scourge of single-use plastics is all around us, so having more refill stations in shops of all sorts is exactly the direction we need to be heading."

"Now supermarkets must follow the lead of the growing number of zero-waste and independent shops by providing opportunities for shoppers to refill their containers during their grocery shop."

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