Together We Funded A New Maternity Center In Madagascar

Together We Funded A New Maternity Center In Madagascar

Trees are a central part of our mission - we plant 10 trees for each item purchased - but tree planting is only a part of what we do. Being an environmentally conscious brand means being a socially conscious one too. Most of the countries we plant in are developing countries that experience unique challenges beyond deforestation.

In Madagascar, the average indigenous Malagasy woman stands a 1 in 41 chance of suffering from a fatal complication during her pregnancy. In developed countries, that risk is only 1 in 3,600. Education is one of the most important tools in counteracting high rates of pregnancy complications.

Last December, we donated a portion of our online sales to the Sarobidy Maternity Center in Madagascar. Thanks to all of our incredible supporters and fans, we raised $8,000 which was used to build a classroom geared toward educating women about their pregnancies and providing midwife services.

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There, women are taught about the changes that happen in their bodies, how their babies develop, general health and nutrition skills, and how to prevent common diseases. Women also learn about the process of giving birth, breastfeeding, the impact of child abuse, as well as family planning.

“One of the most impactful experiences I had in Madagascar was walking through the Sarobidy Maternity Center and seeing the impact the midwives and nurses had on the lives of pregnant mothers in Madagascar,” says tentree CEO Derrick Emsley after a visit to the center. “The women in Mahajanga, and the surrounding villages, have virtually no understanding of pre or post-natal health and as such, almost all pregnancies are ‘high-risk.’”

“This is truly one of those life-saving initiatives and it's exciting to be a part of it."

Midwives, nurses, and general education about pregnancy is key to achieving a poverty-free world, and that’s why this classroom, and the women it educates, are so important.

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