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Travelling Your Streets

There are many beautiful places in the world, many of which we would all love to discover. Sometimes the means necessary is not always there. At times, even the desire isn’t there. So what do we do when we do not have the means or the desire to escape our settings and discover a new land? Think about where you live and how well you know that place. There are certainly things you have yet to learn and experience about your community. What is left to discover?

How many streets are there where you live? I suggest pulling out a map and counting them. This may sound incredibly boring, but in doing so you will learn something new about your community, and learn where to seek your next adventure. There may be twenty, there may be hundreds, and there may be thousands of streets. Every street has a name, and has a story. The landscape of the streets could be the same as they were a hundred years ago, or they could have evolved into something with a completely different purpose. There will be new streets and new buildings. Start off by counting how many there are, and determine what there is to discover. wildconcrete_11_by_romainjl-d7qhhj0 There is no place where the streets have no name, Bono. When we travel abroad and afar we discover these unique and historic places that sit on the streets travelled. We most certainly take the time and effort to find out why these streets are named what they are when we are exploring. In our own communities do we take the time to learn why our streets are named the way they are? They will not all be exciting and intriguing, and some will be just plain obvious, but there must be some hot and interesting stories behind some of these streets! In today’s research age we have many different “avenues” to venture when attempting to learn more about our community and its history.

After finding out what streets you would like to visit, and why, the next step is to plan your trip! Just as if you were a tourist yourself, planning is very important! Do you like to travel alone or travel with other people? If you need others travelling with you to enjoy the trip yourself then you will need to begin enlisting travellers. It may seem a bit daunting to recruit for a trip around your own community, but I think you would be pleasantly surprised at the company you will find. The next step will be deciding when to take your trip. It can be a long trip, maybe a full weekend, or a short and sweet afternoon trip. If you have company you’ll want to plan in accordance with their schedule, so they don’t bail! Next you’ll need to figure out what you need to pack. Will you be hiking and need supplies, or will you be taking a drive and simply need gas? These are all things to consider when discovering your community. You’ll want to be prepared.

the_hard_choice_by_peach_poison-d4fx5q6This journey close to home can be a fun and exciting experience if done correctly. Finding the right streets and the right travel partners are key. Every trip you take is less about the photos you take and the distance you go. A trip is about the stories you create and the memories you form. These can all be attained by discovering a place you may realize you know less about than somewhere you travelled hundreds or thousands of miles to see. Bear witness to your community on those trips you take when you don’t have the means or desire to venture too far. Your streets may be worth your while.

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