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Trees Are More Than Just Nice To Look At. Here's How They Help Your Health Too:

There are a great many attributes associated with trees such as grandeur, age, strength and even wisdom in some cases. Perhaps you haven’t considered that trees affect your health and actually support healing. As an example consider how you feel when you are deep in a forest or even in a wooded area within an urban centre. We typically feel centered, relaxed an often as in my case, connected to something much larger than we experience in an urban setting.

Consider the fact that humans are electromagnetic entities, biological of course, but we do express polarity and can sense changes in magnetic force.

Walking barefoot in a forest or with footwear with leather soles, affords a positive connection to Earth's magnetic forces and in short promotes well being, grounding and therefore healing. The trees are living pharmacies emitting substances into the air as microscopic mists or vapours.

Pinene is one of these substances emitted by, you guessed it Pine trees and other similar conifers. That oh so familiar scent of the evergreen forest is really nature’s decongestant and agent for lowering blood pressure.

Current science is categorizing and documenting the numerous natural substances in the many forests of the globe that promote our well being.

Well-being is a very difficult state to measure or determine, however you know yourself that a walk in the woods or some time spend under a favourite tree goes a long way to resolving internal issues.

I find that if I have a particularly difficult problem to solve or stressed related anger or anxiety, the forest is the first place I go. We are not designed to live in concrete and built environments but rather natural settings.

The forest and the trees can and will bring you inner peace, promote your physiological as well as mental healing and generally increase your mood.

The Japanese culture holds sacred nature and trees play an huge role. Forest bathing is an activity that many Japanese partake in on over 48 of the Forest Therapy Trails in the country.

The Japanese government has subsidized research in forest bathing and the health benefits to the tune of over $4million since 2004. Stress related illnesses, anxiety and a plethora of 21st century unfortunately common conditions may be reduced by simply listening to our bodies and spending time with the trees.

Try spending time in a forest next time that you have a problem to solve or a love concern, you will doubtless leave the woods with your answer.

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