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Trimming Out Spring/Summer 2014

Summer is here, and it’s finally time to dig out those favourite go-to shorts and skirts from the back of the closet. But you’re probably wondering how to make last year’s pieces translate into this year’s style. Well, the answer is simple, of course: stocking up on a few new shirts and tanks from tentree (duh!) and also getting in on the new accessory trends. Spring/Summer 2014’s bells and whistles are in your face, with a lot of chunky, clunky in-your-face pieces. To make it nice and easy, we’ve put together the top trends straight from Fashion Week’s designer runways just for you:


Blossoms don’t seem to ever go out of summer style, but be warned: these are definitely not your mother’s posies. This year’s bracelets and necklaces are adorned with bright, out-there flower designs. Look out for shoes and headpieces adorned with petals, but be careful not to overdose on flower-bombs: just one string of daisies will do.

Style tip: Get the perfect hippie look with one of tentree’s loose cut, fabric-flowing tees like “heart” or “dream catcher” with a simple string of flowers as a bracelet or headband.

cavalli Big Bags

Summer is all about staying out all day and all night, so the benefits of carrying a big bag (and your entire life inside of it) are pretty obvious. Thankfully, there will be lots of fat sacks to choose from this season, from over-the-shoulder to backpack-style. Go for something with durability and plentiful pockets (for carrying lipsticks, outfit changes and other accessories), but also a bold design – we’re talking mega-tassles, metallic embellishments and dyed snakeskin, to be precise.

Style tip: Take advantage of two of Spring/Summer 2014’s accessory trends by stringing flowers around your big bag for a personal, bohemian touch.

valentino Feathers

Feathers are wickedly versatile – a few wisps can make any look go from rock ‘n’ roll to hippie playgirl, depending on what you put together. While we’re not crazy about the feather shoes that have graced a few catwalks (they look a little like something from Samantha Jones’ bedroom closet), we are definitely digging plumed bracelets and tribal earrings.

Style tip: Wear tentree’s “solstice” tank with ripped jeans, a leather jacket and the biggest feather earrings you can possibly find, for the ultimate depiction of rocker chic.

dgobbanaspring2014 Metallic

Gold and silver are all the rage this season, and the bigger these pieces, the better. While our most coveted runway item from Spring/Summer 2014 would be Dolce & Gabbana’s gold-plated coin metal belt (a whopping $3,277 CAD), we’ll continue to dream and use it purely as an inspiration for styling, shall we?

Style tip: Take your daytime look to evening status with just a few of the right pieces – a big gold necklace and a couple choice rings. Hide everything in your big bag for a reveal after sunset!

iggy Snapback Caps

Iggy Azalea must take some credit for the renaissance of gangster chic, particularly the snapback cap/bomber jacket trend that’s currently going off. Thankfully, tentree’s got you covered with more than a few designs of snapbacks to choose from, and certainly the “Fancy” rapper would wholeheartedly approve.

Style tip: Check the website for what’s in stock, but “conserving nature” rocks with a big metallic necklace and matching hoop earrings.

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