These Are The Trees We Plant In Madagascar

These Are The Trees We Plant In Madagascar

The majority of the funds provided by tentree and its supporters enable Eden’s planting of mangrove trees along the estuary shoreline.

Mangrove trees:  

1)  Red Mangrove aka "Rhizophora musconata"

Firstly, the Red Mangroves help prevent coastal erosion and are key to restoration of mangrove habitats. Secondly, they produce timber that is used for firewood, the construction of buildings, and making fish traps. Lastly, the various parts of the plant are used in folk medicine and the fruit can be cooked and eaten or the juice extracted to make wine and the young tree shoots can be consumed as a vegetable.

2)  Black Mangrove aka " Bruguiera gymnorihiza"

The propagules from the black mangrove or green pods are eaten as a cooked vegetable.

tentree_mad2014_1518 (Above) Holding some fresh mangrove seeds in Mahabana, Madagascar.

IMG_5782 3 and 4 years of growth on Mangroves planted in Mahabana, Madagascar.

IMG_8666 An example of how Mangroves root systems sprawl out and hold the soil together along the shore.

Boating through the mangrove channels is a very cool experience.

This is a shot from underwater, amongst the mangroves. The mangrove roots not only hold the soil together, they also create a habitat for fish where they can lay eggs and have shelter from predators. This creates a source of food for locals.

Mangrove roots from underwater.

Freshly picked, high quality mangrove seeds. These are what you take and put into the ground during planting. These can also be cooked and eaten.

NQ0906442P-Daintree-Mangroves-1 Deep in the Mangrove forest.

An aerial shot of thousands of 1 year old mangrove trees.

IMG_8878 tentree mangrove Crabs live among the mangroves as well. We also saw Monkeys and different species of birds.

We also fund the planting of some dry deciduous species.

Dry Deciduous:

1)  Moringa or "Moringa Oleifera"

Moringa can be cultivated for its leaves, pods, and/or its kernels for oil extraction and water purification. Among many other benefits, the leaves are also highly nutritional and even have medicinal values. Moringa leaves make a great tea as well :)

2)  Acacia

Acacia trees produce food, gum, medicine, and wood.

tentree_mad2014_0614 Locals in Mahajunga, Madagascar work to pack seed bags in the tentree and Eden Reforestation Nursery.

tentree_mad2014_0940 We typically add 2-3 seeds to get a higher survival rate.

tentree_mad2014_3782 A local in Antsanitia, Madagascar is excited to have some new tentree gear!

tentree_mad2014_3751 A group of ladies in Antsanitia, Madagascar packing seed bags.

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