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Unique Antique

Along with other trends trending, the refurbishing, refinishing, shopping for, and purchasing of old stuff is doing just that. People frequently see the beauty in pieces of furniture that have a little (or probably a lot) of history, and did not necessarily come from IKEA or Home Outfitters. There is value in these pieces because they are made with “love” and essentially, built to last. They also offer something in decorative function and are tasteful to the eye. People have different reasons for purchasing antiques but it has become a social norm to seek out rustic, aged, lived, and survived pieces.

Chairs-1There is something to be said for the reuse of furniture and decorative items from the past. Mother Nature offers these amazing trees that, once they have lived a long life, can be formed into something useful within our daily lives. Many antique pieces take advantage of this gift and are formed in a way that they were meant to last. Modern day “some assembly required” furniture is definitely built to ding, knick, and eventually fall apart. Then these pieces are to be thrown away (crossing our fingers they fit in the local dumpster) and replaced with another item surely to fail just as its predecessor (all the more reason to be supporting the planting of trees).

The ability for antique items to survive says a lot about how society approached such things in the past. Can we call it being frugal? Maybe. The truth is, they built things to last. Dressers were made for a child in the hopes that it would last until they had grown up, to be used once more when they had child of their own. These pieces come from a time when there was not the same level of mass production, and the worth in the use of a fine tree or two was taken into consideration.

The trend of antiquing has caused some difficulty for some, believe it or not. It has gotten to the point where it is difficult to find affordable furniture from places like Value Village or the Salvation Army because people have been snapping these pieces up left and right. This is especially true in larger centres where the trend is really huge and ongoing. I don’t want to go so far as to say this has driven up prices, but I think I might have to. Lately, I have been noticing some very high prices for items at stores like the ones mentioned above. To me, these stores are supposed to be an option for people who cannot necessarily afford to shop elsewhere, but need the essentials to furnish a home. When items become “hot sellers”, it ups the price, no matter what store it is. I think it would be wise for these stores to reflect on what their goal or company mission was to begin with.

With the increase of television shows based on home renovation and interior design, there is an influx in decoration ideas. Many people are influenced by what they see on these shows. Very often we see the interior designers head to a flea market or used furniture store to find unique antique pieces. This has no doubt had an influence on this trend.

When people shop for antique items, they’re looking for something unique. What has made these pieces survive, is what we (should) mainly seek out when looking for antiques. It is the character, beauty, and strength they possess. These are the same qualities possessed by the woods they were made from.

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