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Visiting New Zealand? Don't Miss Out On These 3 Secret Hiking Spots

New Zealand is known the world over for its beautiful landscapes and natural wonders like the mud pools and geothermal activity around Rotorua and gorgeous Doubtful Sound. But, today I want to share a few of New Zealand's lesser known, but just as beautiful, natural gems. So, read on!

Lake Brunner, Arthur’s Pass


This breathtakingly beautiful spot is usually just seen in passing on the TranzAlpine rail journey, one of the most popular train journeys in the world. But, I advise you slow down and spend at least a few days in this popular, but quiet spot. Not only is the scenery gorgeous, but Moana, the quaint village nearby, has several pubs and a small store that are worth visiting. While here you can enjoy water activities and hiking during the day and relax at night with a beautiful view of the lake. There is no way you will not feel relaxed and refreshed after visiting Lake Brunner!

Cobb Valley


Cobb Valley is found in the largest national park in New Zealand, Kahurangi National Park. The park itself is a natural wonder known for its incredibly diverse plant and animal life. But, Cobb Valley is a lesser-known, but amazing, destination inside the park. Cobb Dam has easily accessed, uncrowded, cabins, campsites and hiking trails. One of the most popular hikes is the 2 hour walk to Sylvester Hut and Sylvester Lake. The drive to the valley is, in itself, a gorgeous, winding road that follows the Takaka River. A visit here is sure to refresh your weary soul.

Castlepoint Beach, North Island


If you're a big fan or sunrises and sunsets, you can witness some of the most gorgeous right from your campsite on Castlepoint Beach! If you're also a big fan of peace and quiet, this lesser know, uncrowded, spectacular destination will be just your cup of tea! The beach is not quite an hour's drive from Masterton and it is a nature lover's dream! The rugged landscape features ocean waves crashing on rocky reef formations, a beautiful beach and even a lighthouse!

What do you do when you find hidden gems? Do you tell your family and friends or keep it all to yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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