What's in a tentree mystery bag?

What's in a tentree mystery bag?

Several times a year, tentree comes out with a special item called a mystery bag. Mystery bags are a popular, limited release item that is usually only made available a handful of times each year.  Mystery bags contain 5 items and 50 trees are planted for each mystery bag purchased.

When you purchase your mystery bag, you'll be asked to select either men's or women's and the size you want. At that point, 5 items from our warehouse are chosen at random to fill the mystery bag. Unfortunately, we cannot customize mystery bag orders and what you get is totally random, but this is what may come in your mystery bag.

Shirts & tank tops

Shirts and tank tops are two of the items that typically are included in a mystery bag. tentree shirts and tanks are crafted ethically out of sustainable materials like hemp, organic cotton, and Tencel lyocell. tentree shirts are sturdy, soft, and designed for a healthy world.


tentree fleece items are also sometimes included in our mystery bags. Practically modern and functionally stylish, our fleece items are made from recycled polyester, organic cotton, Tencel, and sustainable cork.


tentree has the world's most eco-progressive, comfortable, and breathable hoodies. Made with materials like sustainable cork, hemp, and organic cotton, the hoodies we include in our mystery bags will keep you warm and eco-conscious. 


At tentree, we have accessories that love you, and the planet. Our accessories range from hats and beanies to mugs and wallets - any of these items can find their way in a mystery bag to you.

Prototype samples

We're always trying different products and designs, not all of which end up getting a full run on our website. What happens to the prototypes that we don't decide to include in our product lines? Periodically, we add them to our mystery bags! These items are still high quality and made from sustainable materials, just like the everything else we make available. And with these samples, you end up with a unique product that few others will have!

What comes in your mystery bag is a mystery until you open it, but we're sure you'll be pleased! 


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