We Talk The Talk, Here's How We Walk The Walk For Earth Month

We Talk The Talk, Here's How We Walk The Walk For Earth Month

We are best known for our commitment to tree planting; tentree plants 10 trees for every item purchased with the goal to plant 1 billion by 2030.

We seek to be the most environmentally conscious brand in the world. To achieve that title will take a great deal of effort, and this Earth Month, we're proud to announce several ongoing intiatives to achieve this goal. Here’s what tentree is up to for Earth Month.

Our goal of being an environmentally conscious company begins before any of us even get to work. More than half of tentree’s employees now work remotely, bike, walk, or take public transportation to work. Not only that, but those of us who do still drive to work pay a small fee to offset that carbon footprint.

Coffee and tea get many of us through the morning, but as a company, we decided that it was time to stop grabbing coffee in single-use paper cups before getting to the office. These cups aren't recyclable and they don’t decompose. Some companies have been using compostable cups, which is great, but they do still inevitably end up in the landfill. We’ve decided to opt out of the whole thing and use reusable mugs instead.


Once in a while, we run into a hoodie or a tee that has a small defect. We try to donate these as often as possible, but sometimes defects make it so the garment isn’t really wearable. So where do they go? For us, they go to Fab Cycle, which is a fabric recycling company based out of Canada. They take our old textiles and recycle them into something new and usable!

Sometimes our customers need to return or exchange an item with us. It’s pretty standard for any retailer! But what happens to the garment that they didn’t keep? We’ve partnered up with Flood Clothing, based out of Portland, Oregon, to turn our used garments into new clothing. This helps keep our products out of the landfills!

Every office creates some amount of waste, and at tentree, we treat the trash bin as a last resort. We’re doing everything we can to recycle, compost, repurpose, and reuse our waste before we even think about throwing it in the trash.


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