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I have compiled a list of ten (current-ish) songs that really remind me of, and connect me to, nature. Each song possesses something that assists my mind in drifting away to the place among, around, or within the trees. Sometimes it can be difficult to explain why a song makes you feel the way it does, but all of these songs have great imagery. Whether the artists have created the image themselves or the song reminds me of a place (or place in time) all of them succeed in their journey.

These days, becoming a street fashion photographer is no sweat. All it takes is an Android or iPhone, Instagram and a few friends who know how to spiffy up and pose. Even professional photographers admit to snapping with their camera phone quite often, since carrying heavy–duty equipment around all the time can be such a drag.

Summer is here, and it’s finally time to dig out those favourite go-to shorts and skirts from the back of the closet. But you’re probably wondering how to make last year’s pieces translate into this year’s style. Well, the answer is simple, of course: stocking up on a few new shirts and tanks from tentree (duh!) and also getting in on the new accessory trends. Spring/Summer 2014’s bells and whistles are in your face, with a lot of chunky, clunky in-your-face pieces. To make it nice and easy, we’ve put together the top trends straight from Fashion Week’s designer runways just for you:

If you’re anything like me, the long, grey, cold Winters can really bring you down. Spring is when I start to feel life back in me again and anything that feels that good needs a soundtrack. I’ve put together a playlist that includes all the good things Spring brings (say that 5 times fast): sun, nature, inspiration, motivation, optimism, and of course, music. So, get out there! Get energized and moving and reawaken your souls!

1. Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here

Let’s kick it off with a classic, shall we? I don’t think a Spring has passed for me yet that I haven’t caught myself humming this lovely tune.

Fashion comes and goes, but the environment is here to stay. So then why do humans use up the earth like it’s going out of style?

Thankfully, that reality is quickly changing. Many consumers these days are choosing environmentally friendly products and green products when faced with the option. This is especially becoming true of consumers in the fashion industry.

We don’t have to explain to you restless, roaming spirits out there the adventure that lies in a hiking challenge. Thankfully, this world is chockfull of breathtaking trails, and while some have been well trampled, others are only waiting to be further discovered. So get out your rucksack and hiking boots, we’ve put together 10 of the world’s most dreamy paths for trekking.

These Are The Top 10 Best Hiking Trails In The World

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