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After planting for 13 seasons, nothing surprises you anymore. When things happen you just laugh it off and roll with it. In the end its another awesome/ridiculous story to add to the list. A list you don't realize you have until something happens and it makes you think of another story that starts with "this one time tree planting...".

I wouldn't trade these stories and experiences for anything in the world. It's hard to say what's the best and worst of tree planting until you go back for another season and are reminded of all the things you hated about it. It's like you block out all the bad stuff and then it just hits you. I always tell people you have to try tree planting at least once in your lifetime. You think you know, but you really have no idea.

For those of us dwelling in apartments in today’s urban landscape, it’s easy to feel like we are out of touch with nature sometimes. But there’s an easy way of cozying up to Mother Earth, while barely stepping out of home sweet home: planting a balcony garden.

Floating above the earth is the space station full of those who were lucky enough to get away from the planet. They sought refuge from the blistering desert that remains. Of course, they were the lucky ones, able to get away from it all. Left behind were the poor, the downtrodden. First world and third world have never meshed. As the wealthy swoon and squander thousands, millions, some billions, the desolate folks who never stood a chance, do not stand. The dust swirls around them and the heat pours down onto their shoulders and brows.

The beginning of May. A time ripe with expectation and new beginnings. In most places it is now when spring starts to make its full impact; trees are budding, flowers are pushing through the dirt, and people are out raking their lawns. Spring is here.

With the beginning of May also comes the beginning of another tree planting season in British Columbia’s interior. A place where spring is still arriving, and winter is taking its final punches. People from all over Canada and abroad filter into small towns anticipating what could be a life changing three month experience.

Saint Augustine once said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” We aren’t arguing with the Christian theologian and philosopher, but these days seeing the world isn’t as easy to come by – it takes time and saving money. Whether you’re getting ready for your next trip or simply looking for inspiration on where to travel next, here’s 10 travel books that will get your imagination running wild:

10 Must-Read Books For The Avid Adventurer

For the most part, trees are considered to have very positive traits. Their ability to produce oxygen, cleanse the air, prevent soil erosion as well as providing a source of wood and fibre to name a few. However, not all trees come with such beneficial attributes. There are a great many trees in the tropics and sub-tropics that are well known to locals as too dangerous to even be in close proximity to.

2 Trees You Should Avoid - Poisonwood And Machineel

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