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more is TENCEL™

We proudly feature this wood pulp fiber in our signature TreeBlend material, and throughout our seasonal collections.

soft lightweight breathable

the situation

Due to irresponsible disposal of waste from the textile industry, global water supplies are contaminated with lethal chemicals. Communities who rely on natural resources are being exposed to polluted waters.1

the impact

Textile dyeing and treatment contributes up to 17-20% of total industrial water pollution.2 Waste dumping can pour up to 1.5 billion cubic metres of waste into waterways of developing countries, endangering humans and ecosystems.3

our solution:

We’re shutting out water waste. TENCEL™ is made of responsibly sourced wood pulp, and produced in a closed-loop process,4 keeping our waste out of waters and away from life-sustaining resources.

3 reasons we love TENCEL™

Zero Waste

99% of water and chemicals are re-used during manufacturing in a closed loop process. This prevents resource contamination, while minimizing environmental impact.5

Up to Standard

All TENCEL™ materials are FSC® certified, ensuring the trees are responsibly managed and meet environmental and social standards.

Clean and Safe

Wood pulp is grown without harsh or toxic chemicals, keeping farmers and the environment safe.6

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