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Can tree planting help our planet — or hurt it? If you've ever wondered whether reforestation is all it's cracked up to be, or whether there's more we could be doing for our planet... This video is for you.

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Tree icon6117 trees planted
Cloud icon1318.8 tons of C02 sequestered

Jack Harries

Jack Harries is a documentary film maker, producer, activist and ambassador whose work centers on climate change and the natural world. Jack has spoken with and worked alongside climate leaders like David Attenborough and Barack Obama.


Derrick Emsley

Derrick is co-founder and CEO of tentree and veritree. In ten years Derrick has been named Forbe's 30 under 30, designed and implemented a digital tree verification tool and helped put over 75 million trees on the ground.

Eye icon In the past decade, our planet has

lost 411 million hectares of tree cover.

That's almost half the size of the United States

Tree icon At the current rate,

we'll lose enough trees to cover the entire country of India by 2050

Cloud icon If we planted enough trees, we could

remove 205 billion metric tons of carbon from the atmosphere

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