Men's Underwear

The most sustainable underwear on the market for men. Everything down to the elastic trims & packaging uses recycled materials & fabrics such as TencelTM, Organic cotton & high stretch REFIBRA™ Lyocell. Lightweight & breathable boxers available in multiple colours. 

Earth-First Sustainable Underwear

These earth-friendly undies feel good in more ways than one. That's because, besides being kind to our planet, they're performance tested for a perfect, barely-there fit.

Made to Last

Thanks to sustainable fibres like lyocell and organic cotton, this men's underwear moves with you — and keeps your replacement pair buying down to a planet-friendly minimum.

Feel Good Fibres

REFIBRA™ is made from upcycled cotton pulp combined with wood pulp. The result? A one-of-a-kind fabrication more sustainable than the most sustainable fabrics in your underwear drawer.